Custom Blocks for WordPress Developers

Custom Blocks at Your Fingertips

Use Lazy Blocks plugin to construct custom Gutenberg blocks visually in WordPress

Gutenberg custom blocks visual editor

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Spend your time on the result, not for learning.
No more effort while creating blocks.

Configure Block

Give a name to your block, set icon, category, etc

Add Controls

Add control fields like simple text and complex image selectors

Write Output Code

Output code for your block with PHP support

Controls for your Gutenberg Blocks

To easily build custom blocks, the plugin contains 20+ controls, so you may save different types of attributes values. For WordPress developers also available possibility to extend controls and add your own.

Custom blocks available attributes controls

WordPress Developers Friendly

Intuitive API for extending controls and for using blocks in your WordPress theme templates.

Custom PHP and filters for developers

More Features

  • Custom templates for posts and pages
  • Export custom blocks within your themes
  • Restrictions for certain post types
  • Export & Import blocks using JSON
  • PHP and Handlebars support
  • Conditional block preview in Editor
  • Save attributes as Meta fields
  • Show controls in editor content or inside the inspector
  • Extensive documentation

Let’s Get Started

Download Lazy Blocks for your next Gutenberg project and enjoy the WordPress future